Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protect Your Small Business with Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has become an necessary service for many small businesses, providing protection against wrongful termination, discrimination & harassment allegations, third-party claims, employee benefit matters, and retaliation & whistleblower protection.

Wrongful Termination

The Protecting Employees from Discrimination and Harassment Act protects employees from being fired without cause or due to discrimination or harassment in the workplace. EPLI coverage can provide important protection to small businesses in such cases by covering legal costs associated with investigations and potential legal actions.

Discrimination & Harassment Allegations

Employment Practices Liability Insurance also covers discrimination and harassment allegations that occur between staff members or between employers and employees. This type of coverage can help small business owners protect themselves from costly settlements or court judgements. It can also provide peace of mind knowing that any legal bills associated with a case can be covered.

Third-Party Claims

EPLI coverage also provides protection against third-party claims related to employment practices such as sexual harassment or discrimination that may have taken place in the workplace. Such claims may arise when a third party claims they were mistreated by an employee in the workplace, so having EPLI is important for any small business owner who wishes to minimize their risk of liability in this area. 

Employee Benefit Matters

Small business organizations are often faced with complex employee benefit issues such as changes to wages, bonuses, vacation time and other benefits that may not be immediately addressed internally. EPLI can provide coverage for those issues should there be a dispute between parties involved. Such disputes may include disputes over the interpretation of the terms of employment contracts or disagreements over payment for overtime work. 

Retaliation & Whistleblower Protection

Retaliation & whistleblower protection is another key aspect of EPLI insurance coverage for many small businesses. In certain cases involving whistleblowing on illegal activities conducted by employers or employees, individuals may find themselves needing legal representation in order to properly file their claim and try to recoup damages that have occurred due to the illegal activity. Having EPLI ensures small businesses will have access to important resources if they need them following potential whistleblower activity.  

Employers Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is an invaluable service that brings peace of mind to any small business owner who wishes to ensure they’re properly protected against potential employment issue related claims and lawsuits that could cost them dearly financially should such unexpected situations arise. With proper coverage, businesses can feel confident knowing that their investment in an EPLI policy has provided them with valuable insurance coverage should the worst happen and a claim be filed against them regarding wrongful termination, discrimination/harassment allegations, third-party claims, employee benefit matters or retaliation/whistleblower protection related issues occur at their workplace environment