Fidelity Bonds

Protect Your Business with Fidelity Bonds: A Comprehensive Guide for Small Business Owners

Fidelity bonds have been a staple of small businesses for many years, providing coverage and protection from a wide variety of risks. These bonds, also known as surety bonds, offer financial compensation in the event that theft or other losses occur within the business. In this article, we will explore the five main types of fidelity bonds that are important for small businesses to consider.

Employee Theft Coverage: Employee theft coverage is an important part of any fidelity bond package. This type of coverage protects against losses resulting from employee dishonesty such as stealing cash, inventory or other assets. It can also provide coverage if employees misrepresent their duties or authority when making transactions on behalf of the company.

Forgery & Alteration Insurance: Forgery and alteration insurance provides protection against losses due to forged documents or altered records. This type of coverage can prevent loss if any documents related to the company’s finances or contracts are forged or altered without permission.

Shoplifting (Employee Or Customer): Shoplifting is a common risk faced by small businesses and can cause significant losses if not properly addressed. Fidelity bonds will typically provide coverage for shoplifting committed by either customers or employees. 

Electronic Funds Transfer Liability: Electronic funds transfer liability provides protection from fraud and mistake-related losses associated with electronic transfers. This type of coverage includes liability for unauthorized access, incorrect fund transfers and fraudulent charges made with credit cards issued by the company.

Computer Fraud & System Security: Computer fraud and system security scenarios are becoming more common in today’s digital age, making this type of fidelity bond extremely important for small businesses. It provides protection from malicious acts like computer hacking which could result in lost data or stolen assets from the company’s website or network systems. 

In conclusion, fidelity bonds are essential tools for protecting small business owners from a variety of risks associated with employee dishonesty, shoplifting, computer fraud and more. While each type of bond offers different levels of protection depending on your individual business needs, all offering some form of financial compensation should an unfortunate incident occur—making them invaluable investments worth considering for every small business owner out there!