Water Backup and Sump Overflow Coverage

Protect Your Business from Storm Damage with Water Backup and Sump Overflow Coverage

When the weather outside is frightful, water backup and sump overflow coverage may be essential for small businesses. With more extreme weather patterns becoming the norm, it’s important for small business owners to consider safeguards in place that can protect their property from water damage caused by storms, overflowing rivers, and other adverse conditions.

Water backup and sump overflow coverage is an insurance policy that protects a business from losses related to water damage caused due to water backing up through sewers or drains, or because of a sump pump failing due to an excess amount of rain or snow building up around a business’s foundation. This type of coverage provides reimbursement for repairs or replacement of covered items damaged due to flooding and other water-related issues. It can also help with cleanup costs if needed.

Some businesses may think they don’t need this type of coverage because they don’t live in an area prone to flooding, but the truth is that any type of excessive rainfall and snowmelt can put a business at risk of suffering damages from water backup – so it’s smart to take precautions as soon as possible. 

The cost associated with this type of coverage will vary depending on the size of the business and its location, but most policies start around $150 per year for $10K worth of protection – which may save you thousands in potential losses should your property suffer damages from a storm-related issue. 

When shopping for this type of insurance, it’s important to make sure you understand what exactly is covered by the policy – as well as any limitations or exclusions – in order to ensure you’re getting adequate protection for your unique situation. Additionally, look into whether there are any discounts available for bundling other types of insurance such as fire or liability coverage with a water backup policy. 

For most small businesses, having adequate protection against unexpected events like heavy rains or overflows is crucial in order to remain successful – and having water backup and sump overflow coverage gives them peace of mind knowing they have something in place to fall back on if disaster strikes.